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Discover Caviar NZ: Sturgeon, Black Sturgeon Caviar, Salmon Roe Delights

Dive into the luxurious world of caviar right here in New Zealand! Known for its divine taste, texture, and rarity, caviar is a culinary jewel. Whether it’s the exquisite sturgeon caviar, the unique taste of salmon roe, or the rare and delightful black sturgeon caviar, every bite promises a gourmet experience. Let’s embark on a delectable journey and explore the caviar NZ has to offer!

Sturgeon Caviar Price in New Zealand

 New Zealand is home to a variety of caviars, with sturgeon caviar being one of the most sought-after delicacies. This rare gem, appreciated for its unique flavour and texture, is available at a premium. The Caviar price reflects the intricate caviar extraction process and the valuable nutrients it contains, such as omega-3, iron, magnesium, iodine, sodium, potassium, and molybdenum, among others. As you explore the NZ caviar market, you’ll discover that the older the fish, the more valuable the delicacy. Remember, every glossy, semi-translucent eggshell is a testament to the exquisite and full-flavoured delicacy contained within.

Caviar NZ Farms 

Caviar farms across New Zealand and the globe are the heart of caviar production. These farms carefully raise sturgeon and other fish species, ensuring optimal conditions for caviar development. The intravital ‘milking’ method is a common practice, enabling caviar extraction without having to kill the fish – a feature that Imperial’s distinctive farms are known for. Here, gourmets surely know they receive caviar from sturgeons aged 15 years or more, promising a unique taste profile and a degree of digestion that is particularly saturated.

Caviar NZ

Salmon Caviar in New Zealand

Another caviar delight available in NZ is salmon caviar. This red caviar is known for its larger size, vibrant colour, and burst of flavour. Salmon caviar, harvested from the fresh waters of New Zealand, has a distinct taste that is full of the natural goodness of the sea. It is appreciated due to the presence of proteins, vitamins, and valuable nutrients, making it a popular dish among seafood lovers. Its touch of bitterness, subtle notes, and delicate texture make it a pleasant gourmet experience, whether enjoyed fresh or toasted, with greens and spices.


Caviar is a celebration of taste. Every variety, from the classic sturgeon caviar to the delicate salmon roe, offers a unique flavour profile. The taste of caviar can be described as nutty, slightly salty, and full of umami, with a touch of the sea. The older the fish, the more refined and complex the flavour. Paired with champagne or spread on a piece of fresh bread, caviar delivers an exquisite, full-flavoured experience that gourmets across the globe, and particularly in NZ, cherish.


 The texture of caviar is as important as its taste. The eggs should be firm yet delicate, melting gently in the mouth and leaving a pleasant aftertaste. The granular feel of the eggs, the way they burst when bitten, and the glossy, semi-translucent eggshell are all part of the caviar experience. Whether it’s the smaller grains of sturgeon caviar or the larger beads of salmon roe, the texture contributes to the overall culinary delight.

Demand of Black Sturgeon Caviar

Black sturgeon caviar, with its dark grey to black colour and nutty flavour, is one of the highest in demand both in New Zealand and internationally. The distinctive taste, colour, and texture make it a favourite among caviar connoisseurs. Caviar farms, especially in Russia and France, work meticulously to meet the growing demand, ensuring the caviar is harvested at its peak of freshness. The availability of this delicacy in glass jars and tins has made it accessible to enthusiasts looking to order this gourmet dish, contributing to its growing popularity.

Caviar NZ

Exploring the world of caviar nz is a journey of taste, texture, and culinary delight. From the luxurious sturgeon caviar to the vibrant salmon roe, each variety offers a unique gourmet experience. As you indulge in the exquisite flavours, remember that every bite is a celebration of the sea, expertly crafted by nature and brought to your table with care and passion. Happy tasting!

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